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Hi, I'm Jamie and I am a Website Developer

Here is some of what I do

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS 3
  • Javascript
  • MySQL
  • Materialize CSS
  • JQuery
  • Silex
  • Cake
  • Laravel
  • Smarty
  • Twig
  • WordPress
  • LEMP
  • APIs
  • Git

Some Of My Projects

Some Of My Projects


100 Squares

100 Squares is based on a piece of Maths homework.

The idea behind the game is you choose a times table grid, e.g. 10x10, and then you see how quickly you can fill it out

The intention is that the game aids in the learning of mental times tables

The bulk of the site is simple HTML and css, with some JQuery for functionality


Q.uiz.me is based off a learning aid I originally developed for times tables which would ask random times tables questions. After trialing my original game I decided to begin expanding it to be a more general intelegence based learning aid aimed at primary school aged children.

The bulk of the code is Javascript based using JQuery, with a PHP back-end for loading questions

This is currently a work in progress, with intentions of expanding its usefulness for classrooms and homework, by adding in a management area for supervisors

PHP Code For Posts

A WordPress plugin which allows you to add your own PHP code to posts, pages, custom post types (posts) and even sidebars without the need for custom templates

Originally authored under a pseudonym "The Missing Code", this WordPress plugin is very popular with the community, having an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 and over 100,000 downloads to date

The plugin itself is fairly out of date as it was written for 3.3.1, this code needs a lot of attention, but the key bit: it still works

About Me

I primarily work with PHP (and related technologies), HTML, CSS and JS, but I am open to learning new languages, for example I have recently started learning Python. I have some experience with Linux System Configuration and Java.

I have been building websites for the last 5 years working mostly for companies, but I have also done a couple of my own projects. I have experience building websites in PHP within both LLMP and LAMP stacks, and also some experience with a WAMP stack as well using EasyPHP, which I use on my local machine.

I started out building simple brochure sites using PHP moving on to WordPress website development creating themes, plugins and full sites for clients as part of a Website Design and SEO agency. I used to build sites from being given the client specification and the PSD designs from the designers, implementing the page designs, the front end functionality such as image galleries and the back end PHP code, eventually moving on to take a lead role as the company expanded.

I then moved on to another company working on their own websites and systems, here I took a more mid-level role in favour of developing skills and learning, here I moved on to a more object orientated approach focusing on PHP and related technologies using Smarty for website templates, and also with exposure to both Cake and Zend frameworks as they also have sites built in both frameworks which required maintenance and improvements.

The development on the sites here lean heavily on an object orientated approach and heavy use APIs for the sites to communicate between each other in both PHP and JavaScript, while also retaining a focus on optimised code for performance as the sites serve circa 6 million page views per month.

I also have experience with Telephone IVR systems and using APIs for them to effectively communicate with a PHP server to process the user's actions on the call. More recently I have been working on converting an old site into the Silex framework, with Twig for templates, to improve work flow and optimise the site code and features